A dummy’s attempt to set up WordPress

Featured image credit: heladodementa/pixabay.

If you’re looking to set up your own self-hosted WordPress blog and you also want to learn how it’s done, I highly recommend using Linode’s documentation.

An opportunity to understand the GPL license

Matt Mullenweg, 2009. Credit: loiclemeur/Flickr, CC BY 2.0

Matt Mullenweg pulled up a WP-competitor for not abiding by the terms of a license that allowed it to emerge in the first place.

Returning to WordPress… fourth time round.

My blog got me my job. After all, it did make a cameo appearance during my interview, drawing an “Impressive!” from the Editor of the newspaper sitting opposite me. Ever since that episode in early June, I decided that I was justified in spending almost three hours on it each day, checking the stats, making small changes to the design, keeping an eye out for new options and themes, weeding out spam comments, etc. It is also since then that I have been comfortable spending some money on it. First, I bought… Read More


Apparently, I’m back. There’s no leaving WordPress, at least for the foreseeable future. I switched to Posterous a few days ago, enjoyed a good run, but as the days passed, I began to miss the charm of WordPress more and more. Posterous might have made it ridiculously easy for bloggers to post content, but I believe they lack WordPress’s formalized showmanship. The platform also claims that it removes a lot of distractions and lets the user focus just on content: I think that for longtime bloggers, that doesn’t make a difference. Finally,… Read More