Spotting scientists, lazy scientists

C.N.R. Rao. Source: YouTube

Calling scientists as a community ‘lazy’ is to abdicate the responsibility to make it easier for them to enjoy the fruits of their labours.

NPPs in Japan

In the first general elections held since the phased shutdown of nuclear reactors across Japan, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) scored a landslide victory. Incidentally, the LDP was also the party most vehemently opposed to its predecessor, the Democratic Party of Japan (DJP), when it declared the shutdown of nuclear power plants (NPPs) across Japan, increasing the economic powerhouse’s reliance on fossil fuels. Now that Abe, who termed Noda’s actions “irresponsible”, is in power, the markets were also quick to respond. TEPCO’s shares jumped 33 per cent, Kansai Electric Power’s rose 18… Read More

Updating the particles parade: Exotic hadrons!

What better way to ringing in the new year than finding out that another particle has gate-crashed the 43-year old Standard Model party! Last year, superluminal neutrinos sent Nobel Prize winners and other like-minded geniuses scurrying back to their whiteboards in an effort to tweak Einstein’s theories of relativity. Today, physicists at Japan’s High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) found conclusive evidence of a strange hadron on the site of the B Factory (KEKB), a high-energy electron-positron collider. The so-called Belle Experiment found conclusive evidence of a hadron that had four quarks… Read More