The worst poem ever

Thinking ape. Credit: Pixel-mixer/pixabay

I’m just a lousy science journalist, writing the worst poem ever.

A dummy’s attempt to set up WordPress

Featured image credit: heladodementa/pixabay.

If you’re looking to set up your own self-hosted WordPress blog and you also want to learn how it’s done, I highly recommend using Linode’s documentation.

Happy Lord of the Rings Day

On this day, let’s read a chapter or two from the trilogy and remember what an enlightening experience reading the books was.

The science in Netflix’s ‘Spectral’

A scene from the film 'Spectral' (2016). Source: Netflix

It’s fun to think about the implications of a film’s antagonists being modelled after a phenomenon I’ve often read/written about but never thought about that way.

Some notes and updates

The LHC tunnel. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Four years of the Higgs boson, live-tweeting and timezones, new music, and quickly reviewing an Erikson book.

‘Infinite in All Directions’, a science newsletter

Credit: taymazvalley/Flickr, CC BY 2.0

The idea for the newsletter is a derivative of a reading challenge a friend proposed: wherein a group of us would recommend books for each other to read, especially titles that we might not come upon by ourselves.

My Foldscope

The cover page of the printed instructions.

That there’s now a magical device in my pocket that lets me look at a universe folded away in millionths of a meter is amazing.

‘Don’t Move Away’

A screengrab from the video for 'Thalli Pogathey'. Source: YouTube

AR Rahman is masterful at combining lyrical traditions with those forms of music in which they’ve seldom existed, and achieves that seamless weave with subtle, well-crafted interventions.

Defending my review of ‘The Martian’

A poster for the film ‘The Martian’. Source: Fox Movies

I wrote my first movie review for The Martian and I wonder if I’ve done it some disservice, although I think it is defensible (from myself, not anyone else). In a wonderful interview of Salman Rushdie published in Mint recently, the author says it’s not his responsibility to tell the truth or document history, but only to exercise his creative imagination. Similarly, it was never on Andy Weir or Drew Goddard (who wrote the script for the movie) to present a realistic picture of interplanetary space exploration in their works. But Weir did… Read More

The most beautiful places on Earth

I use a plug-in on my browser (Chrome) called Earth View from Google Maps. Every time I open a new tab, the plug-in substitutes the bland background with a beautiful top-view of some place as spotted in Google Maps. Even though I hate travelling, some of the places I’ve seen via Earth View make me want to fly over them. Here are 35 of the best I’ve seen in the last few months of using the plug-in. Some of the colors are not what you’d expect to be found in nature (my… Read More