On height

M: Ahh OK

So you’re my age now.

How does it feel?

B: hahahahahah!

i feel no difference 😛

M: Really? I feel young all of a sudden just because I’m just as old as you are! 😀

B: 🙂


M: I wish I was 5′ 5″ though

B: why so?

so short?

M: Being so tall, it’s not easy for me to hide from the outside world a=or find loneliness in both the excessive size of a jacket as well as the width of a normal mattress


B: lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

M: 😛

You should appreciate your height!

B: oh really???

M: The grass is always greener on the other side, and looking at you from my side, I wish I was short and diminutive, from where I do not have to face any demands of being stylish while being as stylish as I can be without suffering the comments of the holier-than-thou fashionistas.

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