The world’s hardest job

That Osama bin Laden was resident in a sprawling compound in Abbotabad, 60 km from Islamabad, 100 km from the Indian border and a much shorter distance away from a Pakistani military training academy, for five years without the knowledge of the local government or the ISI spells egregious news for Pakistan for two reasons:

  1. If the government really had no knowledge of the world’s most-wanted man living just outside the national capital, running the Al Qaeda while having half the satellites in the sky looking for him, then credit is due the terrorist who managed to dupe a country that, given its borders with India, Afghanistan and Waziristan (although a district inside the country, the tribes in the region nonetheless assert their jurisprudential autonomy), and ties with China, should have been more alert by the proverbial orders of magnitude.
  2. The more likely reason is that either sections of the Pakistani government or the ISI (or both together) have been active in providing assistance to a notorious trans-national terrorist and have had a role to play in sheltering him for the last five years.

Either ways, there is only one position that is harder to hold than being a spokesperson of the UPA government in India: being a Pakistani diplomat in the USA.

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