The Litany Of Delay

Sadness ascends to choose one more time /
Comes round again and no one to tempt /
Even though I ran to the delicious /
Liberty to calculate what I should but /
Will not tolerate the desperation to control /

Am able to give and sink in deeper /
To define it and find it and hide it /
We’re sinking deeper despite it /
Let me show you everything I found back home /
Let me teach you to lie like a child /

Soon will you choose to let this go /
Choose to make us give away the strong /
Let the wanderers kiss and drown /
As Lenin crushes his beasts into gold /
Inking any kind of blurry papers for my disguise /

Can I hope to sell this dreary dream /
Television escapes me delaying the fearful /
Is this a test that has to be so delightful as /
Dreaming creations dying on the edges of squares /
I don’t realize I am dying not old, not young /

Right and slow right here to give it like blood /
Right here I am still in blood giving faith /
Sight me later than some wonderful supermoon /
Wandering nightly and waiting all the other time /
People have no desire whatsoever to heal /

Damn it! We’re all alone and this is the time /
The spirits of the night have chosen me /
Soiled with my name in a diseased clay /
Where will we go without patients to heal /
Tuesday has come and soon Tuesday will die /

Think you of the fact that a deaf person cannot hear /
Then, what deafness may we not all possess? /
What senses do we lack that we cannot see /
And cannot hear another world all around us /
What is there around us that we cannot? /

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