The Blog Pact: A poem

What’s the use of a blog pact /
When no one will blog /
They always say they will /
But no one has blogged /

The weeks turned into months /
The months turned into years /
The pen has run out of ink /
But the canvas is empty and in tears /

Like a brave warrior with sword /
Turned away from his destiny /
I blog like a lost weapon /
Craving for a just adversity /

If only someone would write /
I might have something to read /
I write and I write and I write /
And it’s become like a selfless deed /

One thousand pages are filled /
One hundred quills have withered /
Twenty thousand eyes have been pleased /
Only two have witnessed any work /

It’s your choice to write or not /
It’s your word to give or take /
There is no oath ever levied /
Although it helps if a promise is made /

The eyes are lonely and the road barren /
Each day’s demands are a sullen pique /
The pages are many and the ink awaits /
I must write now so you can read and sleep /

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