The Confessions Of An Embarrassed Indian

The 2G spectrum scam. The MMORPG-style humiliation of the Indian Constitution. The jejune responses of the INC. The deep-rooted betrayal of the Karunanidhi family towards Tamil Nadu and, more importantly, India. The delay in readying the Eden Gardens for a World Cup match. The ISRO fraud. All these events have together contributed to a significant exposure of the disillusionment I professed towards my country, my leaders and my people.


The Hindi inscription at the bottom, translated, reads "truth always triumphs".

I am aware that, since the start of this year, many millions have either had their convictions doubly verified or, like me, been forced to accept that it is, in fact, an embarrassment to feel that way. You cannot blame me for retaining an ampoule of hope in the wake of the tens of other such scandals that have been perpetrated over the years by politicians and men and woman supposedly operating in the “interest” of the nation. That very notion is what has been demolished in my eyes.

I was always of the impression that howsoever much the Indian bureaucratic machination was tarnished in the public eye, all the issues were only flying under the political radar and could, given time and the opportunity to offer one’s commitment, be eliminated using the advent of technology, reason and pan-state nationalism. I was always of the impression that wherever corruption reared its serpentine head, it would be localized to pockets of roguishness and betrayal, and that even amongst the corrupt, there remained that small drop of regret and, stemming from it, the unwillingness to let it breed the way it has.

I did have my doubts when, two years ago, the PM tersely dismissed A. Raja’s scheduled tour to some European nations and asked him to stay within the country for a while. I do not quote this to imply Dr. Singh’s culpability but the alarming nonchalance Raja professed towards his duties. The incident itself did not ignite any suspicion – it was not “hot” – but in hindsight, looking at 2009 from 2011, two full years the scandals took to mature, and it is the apathy in all this time that I find utterly deplorable, not the scandals themselves – including the ISRO scam that was unearthed today.

2011 has commenced with definitive omens being sighted ahead of India’s future as a “rising superpower”. Given the sheer number of exposés, the year is poised perfectly to be a more ruinous one than it would have been had it continued to function unaware of the developments. However, in keeping with tradition, there is a silver lining here, too: this is our chance to upgrade what we see the nation as, to upgrade our definition of nationalism, to upgrade our understanding as to where change is most necessary, to upgrade the changes we envision for the nation, to upgrade the solutions we propose during times of hardship and to upgrade what this change must be like at all.

Again, there is some hope. I hold disappointment with any importance because where else would anger stem from?

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