A Fatidical Caliginosity

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Here, there, everywhere!

As I sat absterging the world wide web for methods to model vortex streets, I came across one particularly agrestic site featuring, inadvertently, a vaticinating article on the caducity of some olidly spelt and nitidly pronounced words of the English language. A malison seemed to descend on the article that had included them, archetypically having been done so as roborants.

Those are only few of the fubsy words facing extinction from a language that continues to evolve with no mansuetude, constantly borrowing words to appease its speakers and exuviating words as and when the same speakers are done using them. A smart language, in other words, and over the course of the 20th century, it has come a long way in restructuring itself to be spoken more easily and, consequently, become more accessible and less embrangled in the eyes of those for whom it is a second language. As words changed, portmonteaus took shape and sentences became shorter, those encapsulations of meaning that were too specific to salvage any versatility – so very important these days – were sidelined with often methodical oppugnance. I don’t think it’s surprising at all that a language that is mutated on a daily basis begins to show Darwinian characteristics of evolution over the course of two centuries.

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