My Comments On Pro-pedophile Activism

I was asked by a friend of mine as to what my comments were on pro-pedophile activism, of whose existence I learnt only when she spoke about it. You see, such a thing does exist. As bizarre as it may seem that the law-abiding population of this planet has let such a group grow into an activistic lot, the pro-pedophiles have an explanation of their own to justify their voices. Just as homosexuals battled religious zealots by asking them to question their preconceived notions about God’s wrath upon Sodom, pro-pedophiles ask us that when men can be attracted to men, and when women can be attracted to women, why can’t men be attracted to little girls, and why can’t women be attracted to little boys? Now, I don’t want to answer that question because I don’t want to dignify it by doing so; and, I will never be able to understand that, when it all comes down to an argument, how these people are going to convince us of their argumentative validity – especially via an answer to the question of the inherent naivety our children possess, and of which how they will always be construed as taking advantage? Sexual orientations and sexual preferences are something like Newtonian mechanics – you can’t apply it to very small things. The questions you ask when you see a man kissing a man will project either agreement with the norm or disagreement. Whatsoever it may be, it will always be based on what the society can come to accept or not. The state, as represented by law, exists only because conflicts must not arise within the same species, because only when one man is at peace, the others will also be. Pro-pedophile activism, IMO, must always be discouraged as a concept so blundering in its roots because the children of today will only constitute the society of tomorrow; they can be relied upon as people being able to opine sensibly and judge fairly only when they become adults. Pedophilia is a one-sided decision-making process: the child is never in the loop, and more often than not, the child will never be able to construe the implications of the act and the consequences which will come to shape its future (read: Stephen King). Such an idea reflects (in an abstract way) the violation of the Right to Free Thinking.

In my even more frank opinion, I think they must be lined up and shot.    

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