Finally, I Know Where I Philosophically Am!

Try this link. It throws up an interface where you can look at and study about the different schools of thought under the various frames of philosophy. All these days, I was confused as to where to go to if I had any doubts about the thoughts I was having. Because my knowledge of philosophers and philosophy in general is derived from reading through limited literature – after which I started to read about what I had to say! – I reached a point wherein I needed to know if there was anyone who had had thoughts like and had propounded them. In short, I wanted help. So, at the link shown above, I learned the following:

  • Metaphysically, I am part idealist.
  • Epistemologically, I am an empiricist.
  • Ethically, I am a moral absolutist. 

So yay! I finally know where I stand on things. You have no idea as to how stuck I was before knowing the above. All philosophical printed material having been written in precise and impeccable English (which is good because you don’t want the reader to come to the wrong conclusion), it took too much time for me to leaf through each work, pick out keywords, and analyse as to what each thinker had to say. 

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